The benefits of "Cisian" beverage

1. The Sigen beverage was formulated by adaptation from traditional medicine and the human nature balance, to purify blood and reduce blood pressure.

2. The pigments in barberry and sour tea are antioxidants to prevent cancer.

3. It's pleasure and relaxing effects.

4. Blood pressure reducer, blood purifier, cholesterol controller.

5. Preventing liver and biliary disorders.

6. Heart and liver booster. In comparison with the juices in the market, it can be taken with food, and the consumer does not recall the herbal remedies or the juices, but it is flavored with the taste of the carbonated drinks.

7. Sigen beverage has beneficial medical effects, in addition to food consumption.

8. This beverage has been formulated with and without carbon dioxide gas (CO2) and can be used in both ways.