A brief look at the disadvantages of artificial beverages

1. The consumption of carbonated artificial drinks can cause overweight and obesity due to sugar content.

2. The caffeine and phosphoric acid content in carbonated artificial drinks cause osteoporosis, palpitation, restlessness, increased anxiety, digestive diseases and indigestion. Also, the citric acid contained in carbonated artificial beverages prevents the absorption of valuable elements such as iron and calcium.

3. Phosphoric acid in carbonated artificial drinks, causes osteoporosis and tooth decay. It also produces high levels of insulin in the body, which makes the person one step closer to diabetes.

4. The caffeine, as a diuretic content, causes the calcium, magnesium and zinc elements to be removed from body through the urine. Along with it, too much water, sodium and other electrolytes are removed.

5. Drinking sweet carbonated artificial beverages affects the chance of pregnancy and decreases women's pregnancy by up to 25%. Consumption of these types of beverages by men is associated with 33% reduction in the probability of the pregnancy postponement.