Patent Certificate

The purpose of this product formulation was to supply a carbonated drink in accordance with today's lifestyle. This drink must have had all-natural flavoring materials without any chemicals or mineral acids, so as to reduce the side effects of many people's habit of drinking carbonated beverages.

This beverage should have been designed in such a way that they could be used along with food, in addition to having the favorable natural taste of the natural ingredients. This matter, along with the chemical and microbial stability, color stability and non-precipitating of ingredients, were the issues for this drink production. The carbonated beverages in the world, with no exception, have chemical colors and flavoring compounds.

It was very important to produce a drink with the drinking pleasure as much as commonly used drinks, and also be harmless and healthy in terms of nutrition. Fruit juices are very useful, but they cannot be replaced for commonly used carbonated drinks to be taken with any food.

This drink uses anthocyanin contents in barberry and sour tea as coloring agents. The sweeteners of this drink are sugar and honey, both of which are harmless.